EMBERGEN: September Progress Update

We're working hard to get EmberGen out to you, and in the meantime we have a video showcase that we've put together. Watch the video below to see incredible simulations created within EmberGen.

EmberGen September Showcase

As always, these simulations are simulated and rendered in real-time. We're planning to send out our invitations to our customers that have signed up within the next month. Stay tuned!

Notable things we've done over the past month:
* Increased our render speed by over 400%.
* Fixed multiple rendering artifacts.
* Added a way to use a particle system as an emitter.
* Improved our UI's functionality and added a timeline.
* Began integrating our node graph, which is the backbone of EmberGen.

What we plan to do between now and release:
* Finish our node graph implementation.
* Add a camera system to manage view angles and camera animations.
* Improve simulation speed through more optimizations.
* Ensure that our UI is efficient and clean enough for production use.
* Finish our timeline editor to the point where it is usable in production.

If you want to sign up for EmberGen, or schedule a demo call with us click here.

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