Real-Time Procedural Vector
Field Generation

The only vector field tool made specifically for real time VFX Artists.

What can VectorayGen do for me?

If you're wanting to take your particle motion to the next level, and it just so happens that you're looking into vector fields as the solution, VectorayGen has you covered. With VectorayGen you can import objects to compute particle flows around them, create noise and turbulence with ease, and use a myriad of nodes to create both mathematical and artistic movement.
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What is a Vector Field?

Vector fields allow you to create complex particle motion for your visual effects, and are typically used in conjunction with GPU particles. A vector field is a uniform grid of vectors that influence and control the directional velocity or acceleration of a particle. Each particle's velocity is controlled by the size and direction of each vector, which are represented by arrows. The larger the size of the vector, the faster the particles will move through it.
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Procedural Node Based editing

You now have a powerful node based system to generate incredible vector fields to suit your needs. Use our generator nodes to create your base vector field, and then use modifiers to transform, compose, and control the field as you desire. If you have a set of nodes that you use frequently, you can use our preset system to easily create reusable node graphs. The best part is, everything is computed and updated in real-time.
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Real-Time Updates & Viewport

If you've used other vector field generation methods, you may have noticed that they were clunky and unintuitive. Luckily for you, VectorayGen has a real-time 3D viewport, which provides immediate feedback to your changes within the node graph. The viewport also allows you to represent the vector fields flow with tweakable GPU particles, giving you a 1:1 representation of what you'll see in your engine of choice. Faster is better!

VectorayGen Use Cases

Our clients use VectorayGen in array of various applications
Real-time VFX in Games
Interactive Media
Real-time Film / Cinematics
Unity usage requires our Separate Unity Vector Field Plugin.
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