Vector Fields for Unity

Artwork made with EmberGen


  • Use vector fields to control both particles and rigid bodies. 
  • Generate 3D texture files to use with Unity's new Visual Effects Graph 
  • Animate vector field intensity, tolerance, and multipliers with the built-in curve editor. 
  • Virtually no limit on how many vector fields you can use to affect particles and rigid bodies. 
  • Choose which vector fields affect specific particle systems or rigid bodies. 
  • Spawn particles on the edges, at the vector origins, on the bounding box faces, or within the fields volume for ultimate control. 
  • Complete control over how the vector field is visualized in the editor. 
  • New scripts that seamlessly integrate vector fields directly into particle systems and the editor. 


  • 10 Vector Fields to get you started. 
  • 3 example scenes. 
  • Simple to use and versatile scripts for creating your own effects. 
  • Documentation and support, including tutorial videos.
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