EmberGen Beta Release Notes


We have an incredible update for you that introduces a highly sought after feature, GPU particles! Voxel rendering just not giving you the fine wisps or magical feel that you need? Looking for a different approach to a detailed explosion? GPU particles are for you! Currently the only way to export GPU particles is through images. Later this year we plan to support alembic exports for them.

To update EmberGen, run the software and you should see a popup telling you to update. If not, click "update" in the top left corner near the file menu after software launches.

We've included 19 new presets and any preset that has "GPUP" at the start of it's name uses our new GPU particle renderer!

Change Log:

  • Experimental GPU particles. A new render mode where GPU particles are advected using the underlying simulation data. Can be used by itself or together with volumetric rendering in a hybrid mode. This mode might be unstable and some features might be incomplete. You can access GPU particles in the volume node by selecting GPU particles in the render mode dropdown. Presets with that start with "GPUP" mean that they use these new GPU particles, so go check out all of our new presets!
  • Reworked alpha blending for image exports. The blending mode can now be found in the Capture node instead of in the Settings, and the Straight Alpha mode has a basic form of color filling for the transparency background color, and the color should be slightly better than before after blending.
  • Individual windows can now be resized, but the layout can not yet be changed. When resizing the viewport a preview of the rendertarget size will display. This will be the size of the generated image when using the direct-in-viewport screenshot or recording feature.
  • The camera is no longer accidentally moves when in Export mode
  • Added a basic logging system. Daily encoded logs should appear in the "log" folder.
  • Added basic tiled rendering, so that long renders will not stall the UI less, and in the worst case no longer crash due to taking too long and forcing the OS to crash the driver to recover.
  • Add the option to pause the simulation when all export image nodes are done.
  • Make EmberGen check for updated expiry date on startup
  • Improved timeline zooming
  • Improved node graph interaction
  • Improved window title refresh rate.
  • Added 19 new presets, for a total of 104.

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